honestly though i should stop shaving again i miss this (it keeps the boys away)

bringing this back because a) its a cool picture and b) i miss being in grand cayman

me n my crew we party hard

I had a rat once but I was super allergic to her

I named her Daisy Fitzroy

once i went to my school on a saturday to chill with my history teacher \m/

#life #me #old

cause im a creeper

im a weirdo

what the hell am i doing here?

this one time at work there was this really cool rainbow and it was such a nice day everyone was happy and life was good

#life #old

once upon a time i took addie to homecoming and basically got tricked into being wyatt’s date



worlds greatest school project and #45784573 reason why i miss addie

redken 2013 symposium

so much feels I WANNA DO IT AGAIN

yung dj lyreebz

New years 2013 ~~~

~ candid pic of me from the 8th grade ~